What am I doing?

I suppose if I’m going to start a knitting ‘blog, the day the new Knitty comes out is as good as any.

I like a lot of the patterns this time, especially the little Woodins. We’ll see if I actually have time to make any of them.

My hope for this (yet another) ‘blog is that it will inspire me to knit more. I’ve barely been knitting, or doing other crafts, lately, and I’d like that to change.

For now, I need to go delete the account I set up at Vox. It’s too MySpace-y for me.

I imagine I’ll get the hang of WordPress‘s way of doing things soon enough.


2 Comments to “What am I doing?”

  1. Yes, you have, and there are 18,703 people in front of me so far. I don’t remember how many people there were when I first added my name to the list, so I don’t know how fast they’re moving.

    I get the idea they didn’t realize how popular their idea would be.:-)

  2. Hooray! Now I just have to figure out why LJ doesn’t like your RSS feed, so I can read you on my flist (I do all my reading through LJ, even though I don’t do all my writing through it…)

    Oh, and have I pimped Ravelry to you (enough) yet?

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