Stealing time to knit

Last night when I left work, I had just started work on the heel flap. I still had to get all of the non-heel stitches off my working needle (I’m doing them on two circs instead of dpns), but I decided, hey! I can stick my water cup (with lid) in my bag, where it will be propped up by the Gigantic Cone of Unknown Composition, and work on transferring the stitches while I walk! I need to practice knitting while walking, anyway, because then I can increase the amount of time I have for knitting. So, that’s what I did.

Of course, half-way down the stairs, I started feeling cold drips on my leg. The GCUC is not sufficiently weighty to keep a full water cup vertical, at least not when there are several skeins of yarn around, not to mention a book and a case of needles, just begging to get wet. I wound up walking the rest of the way to the car (I park all the way in the back, of course) clenching the cup between my arm and ribcage, with water still dripping out of the bag. I did manage to get all the stitches transferred, though. Then I pulled the various other skeins, pieces of paper, and my tatting shuttles with the unfinished doily on them and spread them on the dashboard to dry while I drove home. I got a few funny looks from people on the road, needless to say.

Last night for supper, I made a casserole, so I could sit and knit while waiting for it to cook.

This morning, I tried the knitting while walking thing again, this time without the water cup mishap. I got a few rows done before I got to the stairs. I want to start taking walks on my lunch hour, and knit while doing that, but I have to wait until I find my watch, so I don’t stay out too long. We think it’s very likely that the cats thought the watch was yet another toy that for some reason got left on the kitchen table (it’s amazing how many cat toys — pencils, small Post-It® pads, sunglasses — get left up there). We’ll probably find it right after I break down and buy a new one.


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