My mother, the addict

I think my mom may have a KnitPicks problem. I knew that she liked the yarn she’d gotten from them, so last week when I decided to get the yarn for Sheldon, I asked if she was going to be ordering more soon.  That way I could lump mine in with hers and save on shipping. Well, yes, actually, she was, so we combined the orders.

I talked to her the other day about how I need to get yarn to make the “Walk Like an Egyptian” dress from New Knits on the Block for Thing One’s Hallowe’en costume, but I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the Cascade yarns the pattern uses. It’s just a Hallowe’en costume, after all. If I make the whole thing (except the wig), the yarn would cost nearly fifty bucks! So, what does Mom suggest? “Let me look in the KnitPicks catalog. I’m sure they’ll have something.” I tell her I’m thinking about going really cheap and use Caron’s One Pound. (Hey! I’m poor! And it’s just a costume!) She says she’s sure that KnitPicks would have something. I say that I can pick up the super-cheap acrylic stuff at the store and not pay shipping. She says she’ll just have a look in the catalog for me. What is this? She can’t think of anything to order for herself, but she needs to get her fix?


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