Sock update #4 (Taking the plunge)

I finished the first sock yesterday. I took some pictures while it was still on the needles, but our digital camera is a little cheap-o thing with no flash, and they didn’t turn out well.

I did have one problem with it. When I was doing the decreasing on one side (K2tog, k2, SSK), I apparently only knit one in between the decreases. I almost did that several other times, too, but I caught myself. I noticed it two rows later, and didn’t feel like ripping them out to fix it. I don’t think anyone will look that closely at my toes.

It fits quite well, but I wonder if I should have used a size smaller needles, or knit a smaller size . . . or both. It doesn’t exactly hug my foot. Of course, questions like this are why I picked a really basic sock pattern, and used the GCUC yarn.

Now I just have to knit the other one.


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