Hallowe’en update #1

I almost feel like there’s no point to my following a pattern, since I’ve changed so much of it. I’m not using the yarn it calls for; I’m making it larger; and I’m doing it in the round instead of flat.

I cast on 48 stitches for the front and back instead of 44, and knit each piece until it was seven inches long (and I’m inordinately pleased with myself that they had the same number of rows and were the same width), then joined them. So now I’m knitting garter stitch in the round, which is kind of weird. Anyway, I’ve got about 12 inches knitted, which should be enough for me to have Thing One step into it after her shower, so I can be sure it’ll go over those hips I’ve mentioned.

It’s very boring knitting. I’m glad I’m doing it in the round instead of flat, because I’m sure I’d be thrilled when I finished the first piece . . . and then crestfallen when I realized I had to knit another one exactly like it. I’m trying to keep my mind not only on the actual process, but also on what the finished piece will be.

I’m sure that’s part of my problem lately. I get bored with things too quickly because I’m thinking more about the individual stitches or patterns. Even a complicated lace or cable pattern can seem boring when you’ve done it fifty times and have it memorized. I know I didn’t think that way before (before what? I’m not sure), though.

Anyway, I went ahead and ordered some yarn from KnitPicks myself (and told my mom that I think she’s an addict, to which she had no reply). I’m going to substitute Shine Worsted for the Cascade Pima-Tencel for the jewelry. It’s about half the price, and KnitPicks shipping rate is better than any other I saw. I should have that in the next couple of days. This is good, because I think the tunic is getting to be a bit long for me to be knitting while walking, particularly up and down stairs.


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