Hallowe’en update #2

I did get the yarn from KnitPicks yesterday. I fished out my size 5 circs to start a gauge swatch and noticed that the gauge for the collar says “8 stitches = 4 inches in pattern stitch.” Okay, I’m pretty sure there’s no way you’re going to get only two stitches per inch with a worsted weight yarn on size five needles, not without it being a very interesting pattern. Also, there’s no real “pattern stitch” that I can find. You start off with four rows of one thing, then it switches to decreasing rounds. That’s not all, either. In row five, it says to “k2tog, yo, k3tog, yo, repeat from *.” There’s no *. It does say how many stitches you should have after doing this row, so it was easy enough to figure out that the asterisk belongs before the k2tog.

Anyway, I went to Vickie Howell’s website, found the e-mail address to send her errata, and did so. Hopefully she’ll get the corrections posted soon.

While I’m typing this, my mom called and said she thinks it should be 5 stitches per inch, based on the number of stitches left and how long it’s supposed to be. I think I’ll work with that and see how it goes. She also noticed there are yarn overs on the purl side, and we’re both sure you should do those differently, but we don’t know how. She’s going to see if she can figure it out. Any suggestions?


3 Responses to “Hallowe’en update #2”

  1. Thank you! I’ve done it now, and I think I was just having trouble visualizing it.

    18 stitches could be it. That’d be close to 5 per inch, too. They haven’t posted any updates to the errata page yet, so I’m just going to run with what I have.

  2. for the yarn overs they should be fairly simple. I was actually knitting on the purl side while reading this & just flip the yarn around the top of the needle & then back to the front & purl. Should work.

    & maybe it’s supposed to be 18st for 4″? that’s what I usually see anyways.


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