Bargain shopping

We went to Jo-Ann’s today to get stuff for Thing Two’s costume (a skeleton in a cape), and, of course, I had to look at their yarn, too. They had these kits for making “Felted Knit & Crochet Purses,” that were originally $20, but were clearanced for $7.97, with 8 1/2 ounces of variegated wool. I have no interest in making the purse, but hey! Four skeins of wool for $8! I got two. One is orange-purple-blue, and the other is blue-grey-green. I’m pretty sure I’ll figure out something to make with them.

Thing One’s costume is coming along, but I haven’t made any more changes, or had any more problems. The errata section on Vickie Howell’s website hasn’t been updated, and I haven’t received any e-mail from them, either. I have discovered that my copy of The Magic Loop has gone missing. I was going to do the bracelets with that method instead of on dpns. It has to be around somewhere, though. If nothing else, I’ll borrow my mom’s copy.


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