Hallowe’en update #5

If I were knitting instead of typing I might be done by now. With the tunic, anyway.

Okay, maybe not quite.

I did — thankfully — think to check the size of the armholes and see if I thought they’d be big enough for her. I decided that to keep the pattern close to the original, I’d better make them an inch longer, and make neckline half an inch lower. I think that should do it.

Overall, it will be 31″ long. 23″ from casting on to the beginning of the armhole, then 5″ to the neckline, and 3″ to the top of the shoulders. (Original pattern measurements are 28″ long. 21″ to armhole, 4 1/2″ to neckline, 2 1/2″ to top.)


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