Hallowe’en update #6

I’m done with the tunic! Well, except for weaving in ends, and trying it on Thing One.

I discovered that when I have only nine stitches on the needle, and I’m doing garter stitch back and forth, my rows are much larger. Oops. Luckily, I was able to duplicate the effect on all four shoulder straps. I joined the shoulders with kitchener stitch. Everything looks fine (except for the larger gauge on the shoulders) and matches up where it should.

I am on the second contrast color in the collar piece. That will probably be finished quickly, since I won’t be working on the tunic during my lunch hour anymore. I still haven’t found my copy of The Magic Loop, so I’ll probably wait to start the bracelets until I visit my mom. That might be this weekend. If I have the collar done before then, though, I can start on the other sock.


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