It’s dusty in here.

Wow. I haven’t posted in a long time. I got really stuck doing Sheldon and that kind of sapped my interest in knitting for a long, long time. Now Sheldon’s practically finished, and I’m ready to move on. Just so my carpal tunnel syndrome doesn’t interfere.

So, I got the Berroco KnitBits #251 today. Two things really stood out for me.

I like Eastlake. Yes, complete with the wheat tassel. I am a virgo, after all. I like the shape, especially the neckline.

But then there’s Peterhof. It’s an interesting idea . . . but I don’t think it looks like spiderwebs so much as some sort of weird fungal growth, particularly with those huge, deep scallops, or whatever you want to call them. It screams “mold colony” at me. I also think it isn’t a good choice for those of us in a C or larger cup. At least, not the way that model looks. Maybe it’s foreshortening in the angle of the photograph, but she looks . . . immense.

There are a few things in the Summer 2008 Knitty that I like. Shetland Shorty, Thira, BYOB, and Sea Tangles. I might like Tank Girl, but it’s by Vickie Howell, and, in my snarky-assed opinion, she doesn’t know how to write patterns, or edit them, and doesn’t actually pay attention when someone sends her a notice of errata.

I still have not spent the gift certificate I got for KnitPicks for Monkey Day last year, but I’m going to real soon now.

There are a few other things on my knitting horizon, but maybe I’ll actually write about them later.

(Edited to clarify that my opinion on Vickie Howell’s abilities is simply that, my opinion, and should not be taken by anyone as empirical fact.)

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2 Comments to “It’s dusty in here.”

  1. Vickie,

    Thank you for responding, but I don’t think you quite read what I wrote.

    I actually sent more than one e-mail, because I figured the first one might have gotten lost. If sending you an e-mail isn’t the best way to alert you to errors in your books, you shouldn’t say on your website, “If you’ve found a mistake in New Knits on the Block or Not Another Teen Knitting Book, please email us and we’ll add the corrections promptly.”

    There’s a difference between slander and criticism. I said you don’t do your work well. I never said you claimed work that wasn’t yours.

    Thanks for your input.

  2. I don’t normally respond to web-based negativity however, when someone publicly slanders my name and what I do for a living, I must speak up.

    The Tank Girl cami has been clearly written by me, and then passed along to a reputable editor (who works for several major yarn companies, magazines and publishers) for sizing and tech checking.

    I’m sorry that you had a bad experience with one of my patterns and, that you didn’t get a response to an e-mail you sent. Yours may have gotten lost in the abyss of e-mails that go to that address which unfortunately happens sometimes, with 1 1/2 person operation. Posting on my blog is usually, the best way to get a hold of me.


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