I got it!


Now I have to hurry up and finish Thing Two’s socks so I can start working on something else!

I wanted to bring the box up to my office so I could open it up and look at everything, but it was too big to fit in my knitting bag (dimension-wise, that is), so I opened it up in the parking garage and stuffed everything into my bag. I could have carried the box — it isn’t that big — but then I wouldn’t have been able to knit while walking up the stairs. Yes, new yarn is fun and exciting, but let’s keep our priorities straight here. I didn’t really look at it until I got it upstairs in decent lighting. It’s all lovely, and I really can’t wait.

I am going to do the Travelling Stitch Legwarmers from Knit So Fine with KnitPicks Gloss. I was going to make the legwarmers anyway, but then KnitPicks put them in one of their catalogs, suggesting Gloss as a substitute yarn, and I decided I’d try them out that way. I got nickel plated DPNs to knit them. I don’t have any problem using DPNs. That’s how I learned to do circular knitting in the first place. I do find that I really, really like using two circs, though. I think I get less of that stretched stitch problem between needles. I’ll see what I think about the DPNs. I can always switch if I decide two circs would be better.

I think the legwarmers will be the first of my three projects that I’ll make. They’re the most practical given the weather we’ve been having.

Now I have to go update Ravelry. New yarn, new needles, make my three projects use the yarn from my stash . . . and then I have to log out and do some work. No surfing around in there today! Really!

Yeah, I think I’ve gotten over my knitting ennui.


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