Luckily, she’s a little odd herself.

I am pretty sure I do not have enough yarn to do both socks for Thing One the same. Of course, she’s the one who used to always wear odd socks, on purpose. I told her the second sock wouldn’t be the same, and she was completely okay with it.

Thankfully, I realized the problem with doing the sole in blue before I actually finished the heel flap. I would have felt really stupid if I’d gotten a row of the foot proper done and then realized it. I could have done the foot flat (ha!), but I really don’t want to do any seams, especially on socks.

I’m getting very impatient to finish these socks, and then a pair for Little Cat Z so that I can finally start on my legwarmers! I looked through the comments and forum posts and blog posts about them on Ravelry, and it sounds like people with larger legs aren’t happy with the way they fit, but my legs have always been slender, no matter what the rest of me may be like, so that shouldn’t be a problem.


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