I guess he liked them.

Thing Two has already worn through his socks. He wore them for the first time on December 24, and already there are huge holes in the balls of the feet, and in the heel on one sock. He wore them almost every day, and had been putting together his old floor puzzles and sliding across them. He was very impressed with how much more slippery they were than his store-bought socks. Yeah, great. He wore through them in about as much time as it took me to make them. Boys. I have enough of the yarn that I’ll probably try to repair them. I mean, really big holes.

I finished the socks for Thing One today, and she has promised not to wear through them so quickly.

I started socks for Little Cat Z, using the Universal Toe-Up Formula. I decided I don’t really need to do another basic cuff-down sock right now. I think I’ve got that down. I don’t know if it’s just that I’m unaccustomed to this cast on, but I’m using the same yarn and needles as I did for Thing One’s socks (the blue, obviously, since there’s almost no pink left), and so far the fabric seems very loose. If it doesn’t tighten up appreciably in a few rows, I think I’ll take it out and do the crochet chain with a smaller hook. Maybe that will help. If not, I’ll do another gauge swatch and see if I’m doing something different. Maybe I need to drop another size.


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