Trying to keep warm.

So I’m making legwarmers. “Traveling Stitch Legwarmers” from Knit so Fine, to be specific. They are taking a really long time, compared to the socks I made for Little Cat Z, which only took two days! This is not a bad thing. I’ve had some time to knit while at work this month, because I have large stacks of forms that need to get printed, and I can’t really do anything else until they’re done.

My gauge was a little off, but not enough, I thought, to warrant going down a needle size. When I got to the 34th row of the main body, it measured five inches, just like the pattern said it should, so I thought I was fine. Now here I am, row 82 of the lozenge pattern, and I’m already measuring at fourteen inches, which is how long it should be when I’m finished with the lozenge pattern . . . in sixteen more rows. Which is almost two inches. The repeats of the “Hauser model” cable pattern seem to be the same size at the beginning of the piece and here near the end, so I’m not sure what happened. And, to make things better, I’m really close to the end of my ball of yarn. Maybe, if I hadn’t somehow come out of this two inches to long, I’d have been able to make the whole legwarmer with one ball of yarn. Instead, I’m going to have to add in a new one at the end. I’m afraid I’m going to be something like two rows from the end and that’s when I’ll run out. I wouldn’t mind running out now, but that close to the end will feel ridiculous.

I’m using KnitPicks Gloss instead of the Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport the pattern calls for. It’s 70% wool, 30% silk. I wonder if I can do a spit-splice. Plenty of people on Ravelry complain that the yarn felts. If I can, I won’t be as upset about having to join a new ball close to the end.


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