I’m a math geek, and I have the calculators to prove it.

I’ve been a bit annoyed with myself that my Travelling Stitch Legwarmers seem to be coming out too long. I’m still not quite done with the lozenge chart, and it’s measuring about fifteen inches. So I looked at my repeats of the Hauser model chart, and they still seem like they’re about the same size at the top of the legwarmer as they were at the bottom. I decided it was time to do the math.

Each ten-row repeat of the Hauser model, for me, is about 1 1/8″, or 1.125″ (I got out the ruler and checked at the top and the bottom, and they are nicely even). According to the pattern, you work the Hauser model on the front of the leg over 132 rows. There’s also ten rows of twisted rib, plus the setup row for the cables. That makes a total of 143 rows. Granting a little fudging for the rib and setup row, that’s about 14.3 repeats of the Hauser model. 14.3 X 1.125″ = 16.0″. That’s just about spot on for where I am. So I checked to see if that matched up with 34 rows of the Hauser model, plus the eleven rows of ribbing and setup. 45 rows is 4.5 repeats of the Hauser model. 4.5 X 1.125″ = 5.0″. Spot on.

Is it just me? Am I figuring something wrong? In all the stuff I looked at on Ravelry about this pattern, I haven’t seen a single complaint about this. I imagine it’s possible that people haven’t been overly concerned with the length, because the instructions go by repetitions of the charts, but still. When a pattern says “should be about x inches,” don’t you check?!?

The monkeys are going to visit my mom tonight, and I’m going to bring my legwarmer-in-progress and the instructions, and see if she comes to the same conclusion.


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