January is the busiest month of the year for bookkeepers in public accounting (at least, in the U.S.). We have one month to finalize payroll from the prior year for all of our clients and get out W-2s. I’m almost done. I’m working on one of my last clients now.

I’m really glad we don’t have to knit the forms by hand anymore. There is a certain satisfaction in doing them that way — watching the purl bumps line up neatly under the needles, the knitted “v’s” looking like geese ready to fly away — but the machines do it so much faster, and you don’t have to worry about accidentally crossing a cable the wrong way, and causing some poor single mother to look like she owes $10,000 in taxes for the year. This way the IRS can just feed them into their machines, too, which saves time and tax dollars. Automation certainly has its uses.

I still say that if I ever start my own business, I’ll knit all my books by hand instead of using something like QuickKnits or Purltree, but when you’re doing something fairly impersonal and mindless, over and over, it’s really nice to sit back and watch the machine do its thing.

A missive from down the rabbit hole, reposted from my LiveJournal.


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