Tools of the trade

My good spouse is forever making fun of me because of my Quest for the Perfect Purse. I have great difficulty walking through a department store without at least glancing at the purse section. I don’t remember the last time I actually bought a new purse — I’m not that bad — but I like to look, nonetheless.

I don’t seem to have this problem with knitting bags. I think it’s The Yarn Exchange in DeKalb, IL, that uses clear plastic totes, like gift bags, for their shopping bags. They work really nicely as knitting bags, too. If all the yarn for a project fits in them with a little room to spare, why move it to another bag? String Theory Yarn Company in Glen Ellyn, IL, uses heavy kraft paper bags of the same style. Again, they’re perfect.

I also have a Knit Knack Sack that my mom gave me several years ago. That one I do have a few surmountable problems with. I just looked at the website and it sounds like the new design takes care of them. I have a tapestry bag, and it isn’t lined, so my needles go right through it. It came with a splitring and a Knit-Kard explaining Kitchener’s stitch (very helpful thing to have, because I can’t do it from memory). Unfortunately, it’s on the stage right side of the bag (if you wear it on your left hip, the ring is on the right side), so yarn gets caught in it, especially fine yarn. I finally gave in and took the ring off the bag. It’s now on the zipper pull for my interchangable needles.

According to the website, the tapestry bags are now lined, and they use a metal snap hook to hold the Knit-Kard. I can see that still catching the yarn, but I don’t think I’d be as concerned about the yarn breaking because of it. I think a binder ring would be better, though.

I usually wear it as a belt-bag, but it works as a shoulder bag, too, which is nice. It’s a good size for small projects, or small sections of larger projects. I used it when I knit the Shawl from Niflheim, too, so larger projects that can be compacted work for it, too.

If you’re doing a small project, like a pair of socks, there’s plenty of room in the bag for the yarn to move freely, and there’s nothing on the inside to snag it. It really is a nice little bag.

In my Quest for the Perfect Purse, I bought a really big one once. My good spouse said at the time that it was a good one, because it looks like a piece of luggage, and if he had to carry it for me somewhere, it wouldn’t look like he was carrying a purse. It was good when Little Cat Z was really little, because I could toss all sorts of things in there. It’s way too big for me now. But, it has lots of little compartments and pockets, and I think I’m going to convert it into a knitting bag for larger projects. Then, if I decide a need a big purse again, I’ll have an excuse to buy a new one.


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