A needle in a haystack

I’ve hit a bit of a snag.

I’ve got about one and a half repeats of the front cable (Hauser model? I can’t remember) for the legwarmer done, but one of my DPNs has gone AWOL. Better call in the FBI, maybe put out an APB.

I know I had it when I left the office. I was knitting while walking down the stairs, and I stood outside the car to finish the last couple stitches on one needle. I think I had it in the car, because I’m pretty sure I was at a stoplight where I had enough time to knit. The only time I got out of the car between work and home was at the gas station. I walked down there and asked if anyone had brought it inside, and then looked in the lot by where my car had been parked. I’ve looked in the car, and on our driveway. Tomorrow I’ll look in the parking garage at work.

I have three options, assuming it’s lost for good. One, I can switch to knitting on four DPNs, which I’d rather not do, especially since I’ve already had trouble with ladders. Two, I can switch to using two circulars, one nickelplated, one nylon. Again, I’d rather not do that, since the two needles are different enough I worry what it would do to my gauge. Three, I can switch to using two circulars, one nickelplated, one aluminum, which would mean either waiting until I’m done with the body of the Shetland Shorty or setting it aside until I’m done with the legwarmers.

A fourth option is I can find out if my mom has a size 3 circular she’d let me use, but I’ll have to wait until I visit her on Sunday. For right now, I’m going to work on the Shetland Shorty. I’m almost finished with the back. The front shouldn’t take as long, and then I think it switches to the smaller needles.

I have rearranged the stitches on the DPNs. I was getting ladders within the front cable because three stitches of that pattern were on one needle, the other nine on the next. Now I have ten stitches on the first needle, nineteen on the second, fourteen on the third, and fifteen on the fourth. That keeps both cable patterns on one needle, with an extra stitch before them. Hopefully that will take care of that problem. I haven’t gotten far enough that I’m willing to say whether the backwards wrapping is solving the ladder problem, but it seems to be.

I’m still having problems dropping stitches because the needles just slide right out. If I ever make these again, and want to use DPNs, I’ll get a wooden set.


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