If it was a snake it woulda bit me

So I got to work this morning and started looking through my purse for my flashlight so I could shine it around the garage floor to hopefully find the missing needle. I didn’t find my flashlight. I think I’d had a Maglite, and I never have great luck with those, so when I switched purses most recently, I probably left it in the “old” one. (The purse I’m using now is probably a good ten years older than the one I had been using.)

Instead, I found my missing needle. I have absolutely no idea how it got in there, particularly in the place where I found it. I think the car fairies (fairy? I don’t know, it’s a compact car, maybe there’s only room for one) took pity on me, and gave it back without my even asking.

In case you did not know this, when you lose something in the house, like your car keys, or your wedding ring, or whatever, if you really look and you still can’t find it, you can say, “House fairies, please help me find my [whatever you’ve lost],” and then you’re likely to find it. Often in a very strange place, like your car keys in the freezer, or your lucky underwear in the medicine chest. I am completely serious about this. And I am not saying that the house fairies were at fault in the original loss! Not at all! Really!

So, I can get back to the legwarmers. I don’t know how much I’ll work on them over the weekend, because I won’t be doing a lot of knitting and walking, which means I’ll be better able to work on the Shorty.

Speaking of which, I finished the back last night and had my good spouse help me “try it on.” I was a little concerned that I might need to do another four rows, or eight, but it seems okay. I’ve started on the right front now. I’m still on my second ball of yarn (although not for much longer), which makes me think I might have only needed to get three. If it seems like I have plenty, I might try to add short sleeves to it. Someone on Ravelry (yeahyeahyeah?) did one with long sleeves which is absolutely gorgeous (it’s on my favorites), so I know it looks good with long sleeves. I just want caps, pretty much, and I think that should look all right, too. We’ll just have to see what happens.

Just a reminder for myself: “preview post” is your friend, and you know this, and you keep ignoring her anyway. Stop doing that.


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