Needle Nirvana?!?

I almost forgot! I saw in the latest Interweave Knits (I think) that Addi Turbo is making an interchangable set, Addi Turbo Click!!! Have some more exclamation points!!! It’s all Turbos, but the little blurb said they’ll add needle and cable sizes eventually, so maybe they’ll add the Naturas, too! Oooh!!! Oooooh!!!

It sounded, from the blurb, like the connections might be similar to those on Denise needles. It said you don’t need tools to change needles, which is nice. (I have a slight overtightening problem, so a couple of the points on my aluminum interchangables have slightly flanged connecting ends. Not enough to cause a problem while knitting, but I still wince when I think how bad it could have been.) I’ve only ever heard one bad thing about the Denise set. Of course, it’s a bit of a doozy. I’m pretty sure it was Spricey who said she was making something and using her Denise needles, and one of the needles came off in the middle of a row. At least my overtightened screw-on points aren’t likely to come off (until I’ve overtightened them so often that they don’t screw on at all).

But, if Addi does add (heh) the Naturas line to their interchangable set . . . I might have to start saving pennies. A lot of pennies.


2 Comments to “Needle Nirvana?!?”

  1. This person has had problems with hers, too. That makes three.

    I have an inexpensive interchangable set whose name I can never remember, and they are perfectly servicable, but Addi Turbos. . . . Very, very tempting. 🙂

  2. Add another bad thing about Denises: I’ve had that happen, too. Quite a few times. I still use them sometimes, because they allow me to connect several cables to make a really long needle, which the Harmonies don’t, but I like the Harmonies much better. Although Addis would be very tempting… 🙂

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