Great. Sensational. That’s your plan, is it?*

I have a plan for the legwarmers.

I’m at thirty rows of the Hauser model on the second one. I’ve compared the two, and it looks like they’re on track with each other. Not using the stitch markers seems to have solved my ladder-after-cable problem, and backwards wrapping the last stitch on the needle seems to have solved the between-needles-ladder problem. Everything looks good.

I am going to finish the second one on the DPNs. I don’t know what I’m doing differently now, but I’m not dropping stitches and losing needles as much. Maybe I’ve just gotten the hang of DPNs again. Anyway, when I’ve finished the second one, I will finish the first, probably with the two circs, with the stitch markers removed.

I want to wait until I’m done with the second in case I have yarn left over, rather than opening up that third hank. I don’t want to rip out the first one, because the yarn — while lovely and soft and a pleasure to work — has gotten awfully fuzzy. Even on the second one, I can tell already that it’s fuzzier than when I started it. Some people say it still knits up nicely after being ripped out, but I’d rather not chance it. Plus, I think the ladders are not going to be an issue, because people will have to stoop down to look at my legs and see them, and they’ll hopefully even out after a washing or two.

Besides, I’m impatient to wear these.

I really, really need a camera soon, because when I set the legwarmer down at work, I usually put the needles down on the desk. Sometimes they’ll spread out, and the legwarmer will stand straight up from them. It’s really funny looking, and I’m sure after a few more inches (especially as I start increasing in five rows), it won’t do that anymore.

*From The Road to El Dorado. Not at all about knitting, but still a great movie.


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