Loose tights. Tight slacks.

I’m having tension problems. I thought I might, with all the slippy/non-slippy stuff going on with the DPNs. I checked the second legwarmer against the first this afternoon, and the second one looks to be coming up a little short. I’ve had so many problems with these that I’d really like to be able to blame the pattern, but as I’ve faithfully documented all of my screw-ups, it would be really obvious that it wasn’t the pattern’s fault.

Since I’m much happier with how the second one is turning out, I’m going to keep going with it. I’ll try it on in a couple inches — once the bottom of the calf shaping is done — and make sure it fits properly around, and that the calf shaping doesn’t start too far down. As long as that all seems to be okay, I’ll finish it. Maybe I’ll change my mind, again, and rip out the first one and re-do it. I’ll have to see what I think when I get to that point.

In happier knitting news, I did wear (am still wearing) my Shetland Shorty today. I still really, really like it. I’m not so thrilled with how it looked with my camisole tucked into my elastic waistband skirt, but it looks okay with the shirt not tucked in, and it looked great with the shirt tucked into jeans. Elastic waistbands are nice and easy to wear, but they can look really crappy.


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