Before I kill you, Mr. Bond . . .

No, never mind. I’m not going to monologue and tell you all about my dastardly plans for this super secret project which will allow me to completely take over the knitting world.

Well, no, it probably won’t do that, but it is going to be very cool, as long as it works.

I will, however, say that I’ve figured out, I think, how to use the differences in how much the knitted fabric shrinks in length and width during felting to my advantage. I even got to use my mad math skills, which included poking Google until it finally coughed up the formula I needed. I’ve knitted a . . . panel, for lack of a better word and felted it, and it came out looking pretty good, except it’s too small. I kind of knew it would be, but I’m worried if I make it bigger it will be too big and thus unwieldy, but I’ve already started knitting a larger one, so we’ll see. I managed to find some comfort this morning by thinking of other similar things which are much larger, and which seem to work just fine.

I have yet to try dyeing the yarn. I want to make sure my idea will work, at least in general. I have to get more yarn, of a different kind, to make sure that the whole idea will come together as planned, and I should probably wait to do the dyeing until I have it.

Overall, I am very pleased with my progress thus far.

In other words, I love it when a plan comes together. (George Pepard as Hannibal, in The A-Team)


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