Getting there.

Three inches of ribbing — even twisted ribbing — can be pretty boring. But at least I did it. The second legwarmer is finished. I tried it on and it fits nicely. I didn’t have to add on the third ball of yarn until I was a couple of rounds into the ribbing.

I got back to work on the first legwarmer . . . and I’m starting to wonder if dpns are better for this pattern. Or maybe it’s just that I’m never satisfied. Hopefully I’ll be finished with it this weekend. Now that I’ve got one done, maybe that will be the inspiration I need to just get this one done, so I can finally wear them!

In related news, I lost one of my dpns again. This time I know it’s in the car. I got stopped at the train tracks yesterday, and decided I could get a few more stitches cast off. I pulled the legwarmer out of my bag, completely forgetting that I had already cast off one whole needle, and then stuck the needle back into the legwarmer to keep it handy. Of course, it fell out, and is somewhere underneath one of the seats, I think. At least this time I won’t feel compelled to go shine a flashlight all over the gas station parking lot.


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