The legwarmers are on my legs, as I type. They’re definitely keeping my legs warm. I haven’t yet asked anyone here in the office if they’re appropriate for wearing in the office, at least as I’m dressed today — a skirt short enough that there’s skin showing between the tops of the legwarmers and the hem of the skirt.

I don’t like how fuzzy they look. I parked in my usual almost-as-far-away-as-you-can-get parking space this morning, and took the stairs, and by the time I got to my desk, they’d slipped down a couple inches. Hopefully neither of these things will get worse, either as the day goes on, or as the days go on.

Problems I had: somehow I did the extra stitch thing again. Twice. The second one, I started to drop the stitch, but after going down just two rows it was obvious the ladder left by that would have been immense, so I picked it back up and just purled two together. The last one I caught after only one row. Which would be the row after the one where I caught the second one. So while I was fixing one, I was making another one. Go me.

Then, I was on row 10 of the second to last Hauser Model repeat (it has ten rows), and I discovered that I was off a stitch. Either I’d dropped one (in the middle of a cable pattern, wouldn’t that be nice?), or something else screwy happened. So I dropped the entire cable (twelve, well, eleven stitches). I went back a full repeat of the cable before I found where I had somehow not done the last cable stitch on a round, so I dropped the next stitch down, and had to rework an entire repeat of the cable. The ladders are nasty. I was this close, ><, to ripping the whole damned thing out and starting over. Obviously I didn’t, or I wouldn’t be wearing them today.

Anyway, they are warm, they are fuzzy, and I’m not sure if I’ll be told to take them off. I couldn’t not wear them today, though, since tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the seventies, and I didn’t want to wear them with a long skirt, because then no one would be able to see them, and that might be too warm. At least, in the car. The office is cold enough usually that maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wear them under longer skirts.

Hopefully I’ll get pictures taken of them before they get too fuzzy and the cables disappear.

Now I will go back to making the Super Secret Project, and see about making a scarf for Grace.


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