I’m all confoozled.

I can’t decide which is better: keeping detailed project notes in Ravelry, or putting them here. I keep going back and forth.

Anyway, I got through the ten rows of ribbing on the Hallowig, and started the setup for decreasing. I think the pattern is a little unclear on a couple things. Are you supposed to do the first decrease before the second marker on the bangs side? I’m pretty sure that’s what it says to do, and it pretty much makes sense, since the second marker on the bangs side is actually right at the beginning of the round, but the way it’s worded makes it sound like the round should be starting in the middle of the bangs . . . I had to read it several times to make sense of it. Maybe it’s just me, though, since no one on Ravelry seemed to have that problem.

Then, reading ahead in the instructions, trying to figure out if I was right or not, I saw the line, “Work this round every round until 6 sts rem between markers.” This, to me, sounds like there should be twenty-four stitches on the needles at that point (there are four markers). Except, you only decrease between markers one and two, not between two and one (really, it makes sense, go look at the diagram). When I copied the pattern to print it out, I didn’t include the actual photos, just the text and diagrams, so I had to wait until our computer was not being used to check, and yes, you only decrease between one and two. It’s very obvious when you look at the aerial-view picture of the actual wig. So, just a little thing I would have worded differently. Or maybe I shouldn’t have read ahead (isn’t that what they tell you in school?) and then when I actually got to that point, I would have known what was meant. Or maybe this should be a signal to me to stop being so cheap about my printer ink and copy the photos, too.


3 Comments to “I’m all confoozled.”

  1. Hello from five years in the future! I’m working on the same pattern and having the same issue.

    Are we supposed to start decreasing before marker one at the beginning of the bangs (but in the middle of the round), or before marker one on the back side (the first marker one in a new round)?

    The pattern says to knit 10 rounds before decreasing, but if you start decreasing at the bangs, you’re decreasing before you’ve finished the 10th round….Or do go around again and start decreasing at the end of the 11th round?

    Grumble grumble grumble…


    • Hey, Adam! I wound up making two of these, so I should be able to figure it out if I look at it again. Just give me a bit . . .

    • I forgot just how confusing this part of the pattern is. I think what I did was do 10 complete rounds of ribbing, and then start the decreases after that. And I think you start the decreases at the back. So in Diagram B, your start of round is on the right side, and you work the bottom needle(s) (the back half) first.

      Does that help? You could always put in a lifeline on that last no-decreases-round and try it out first.

      Now I want to make another one, just to figure it out.

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