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February 26, 2010

Maybe he understands, after all

I don’t remember exactly how the conversation started, but I was lying in a hospital bed today, hooked up to a fetal monitor, and while the nurse was out of the room, I asked my good spouse to get the small knitting bag out of the big knitting bag for me. I said something about figuring it would be okay for me to knit because we’d be there a while, and he laughed at me. “I’ve got fifteen seconds until I have to pull the ripcord . . . ” was his response.

That’s enough time to do a couple stitches, isn’t it?

February 25, 2010

C’est finis! Mostly.

I’ve finally finished the sundress for Thing One. I’ve got a pattern mostly written, except for instructions on installing the zipper, and numbers for different sizes, but I’m working on that.

I’m using Marnie MacLean’s tutorial on using Excel to help writing multi-sized patterns as a guide. I’m a fairly proficient Excel user, so once I saw the beginning of what she had to say, I was pretty well able to just do it on my own, although I did download her sample spreadsheet, and I have a bookmark to the tutorial, in case I forget something.

I want to make another, for Little Cat Z, because I think she’d like it, too, and to do a little of my own test knitting, checking my numbers for another size, before sending it off to a tech editor.

I’m insanely proud of myself, particularly that I got over my nearly debilitating fear over how to install the zipper, and I hope that other people like it as well as I do.

Tonight, I will hopefully get pictures, preferably on Thing One, but if nothing else, of it on the hanger.

I’ve been going back and forth (mostly back) about trying to do something for the KnitPicks Independent Designer Partnership Program. There’s a lot of discussion about it on the Designers group forum on Ravelry, with lots of pros and cons, all of which make good sense. It’s just a matter of each designer deciding what they want, and what will work for them. I had pretty well decided that it wouldn’t be good for me. Of course, now I’ve found a sketch for something that I think might be okay for it. I’m going to wait, though. It’s a winter garment, for one thing, so it’s not like people would be raring to go with it now that spring is almost here. Plus, I have to finish this dress pattern, and the super secret felted pattern, before I think I should take on anything else.

February 2, 2010

A swift is a bird.

So says the good spouse.

I’m almost done with my second Sweet Little Nothing. As in, I have about ten rows left on a sleeve. So naturally, I’ve just finished the second skein. I didn’t feel like using the arm of the couch to hold the next skein while I wound it into a ball, so I looked for instructions for the Tinkertoy Swift and got Thing Two to build it for me.

I’ve never used a swift before. I don’t ever want to not use one again. The only problem I had with it is that I think I was winding the ball a little tighter than I normally do. (Of course, I tend to wind them very loosely, trying to compensate for all the extra-tight balls I wound when I was younger, I think. I’m sure it’s fine.) It took me at most half the time it would have taken to do it without the swift. I was really impressed. I don’t think I’d have wanted to do a larger skein or a heavier yarn, because the swift was looking a little limp towards the end, but for what it was, it was excellent.

I also found instructions for making a more permanent swift, and I know Schoolhouse Press used to sell The Gaffer’s instructions for making an umbrella swift (I keep meaning to see if they still do), and I think I will really have to get the good spouse to make one for me.

I don’t know that I’m interested in getting a ball winder. I kind of like the winding part, and I think I do a good job at it. Besides, I can’t stand it when people talk about their “yummy cakes of yarn.” It makes me think of Milo Minderbinder and his Egyptian cotton.