Socks on Chicks and Chicks on Fox*

*From the song “Socks On” by MC Frontalot — Seuss-inspired nerdcore rap, you gotta hear it)

I finished the first sock, complete with having Grace try it on (so I’m definitely not being sneaky anymore, but she was nice and pretended to be surprised they’re for her), and weaving in the ends.

I put the last 16 stitches on a couple safety pins before she tried it on, so if need be, I could rip out the toe and make it longer or shorter. It fit fine as-is, but when I put the stitches back on the needles to graft them, I apparently put a needle through the yarn, instead of through a stitch. I figured this out when I tried to tighten up the grafting. I wound up ripping out six rows before I got to a point where I could knit it back up.

I don’t think the yarn (KnitPicks Stroll) is really particularly splitty, but since I started working on this sock back in . . . February? And I pulled that skein from the center, the outside of the skein got a little abused. I noticed a lot of problems with splittiness towards the end. I have the skein for the other sock on my wrist-yarn-ball-holder-thingy, and am taking the yarn from the outside. That way the yarn on the outside of the skein should never get too abused, because it’s getting knit into the sock. At least, I hope it works that way.

In other news, it’s been too damned hot to do any hand-felting, which is all I have left to do on the dice bag. It’s nicer out today, so maybe tonight I can take a little time and finally get that DONE. I also need to draw a diagram for the pattern, because I cannot take a picture that shows what I want. I can’t draw, but I think I can handle this. I hope.


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