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November 20, 2010

I can’t keep up with my reading list as it is!

But it’s just gotten longer. The Ladies of Mischief is a fairly new (started in October 2010) web story that unfolds as the narrator (known only as “The Archivist,” so far) unpacks things from a “a massive trunk containing – their words – antique lady’s stuff” she’s been given from her aunt’s estate. One pattern, for a lace gear, has been released in conjunction with the story, but I’m pretty sure more are planned.

In case you couldn’t tell by the juxtaposition of the words “antique,” “lace,” and “gear,” this looks to be a steampunk story, complete with dirigibles and a clockwork sheep shearing machine.

I’m looking forward to the next installment!

November 8, 2010

D4 Bag of Dice Holding

The pattern for the D4 Bag of Dice Holding is now available through my Ravelry store. See the pattern page for details!

November 7, 2010

Patches? Yeah, You Need Some Stinkin’ Patches!

Grace did a meme-thingy a while back where she was supposed to say “something random” about me. She said, “Nobody else is as good at patching jeans!”

So today when I set about to start patching a pair for her, I thought, maybe I should do a tutorial on my apparently superior method for patching jeans. I’ll let you be the judge of whether it’s anything truly special.

What you’ll need:

Jeans with a hole in them.
Sewing machine, preferably with a zigzag stitch.
Heavy needle (14 or 16).
Jeans that you’ve gotten tired of patching, so you can cut them up to make more patches, or other source of jean-weight denim.

Do not trim away the loose threads from the hole.

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November 3, 2010

Let me sum up

I’ve had so much going on lately that I haven’t felt like I’ve had time to write anything here.

So, let’s see.

I’ve done some more test knitting. (Pattern links are to Ravelry pages.)

I tested the Summer’s End Halter Dress from Blue Grass Baby Designs. It’s very cute, and I should write up a review of the pattern.

I also tested the Penché Wine Bottle Cozy, another one from Tiny Knit. It was quick and easy, and looks really nice. I should write a real review of that one, too.

Then there’s the omg bff bracelet from Odessa Knits, which was really fun and silly, and taught me a new technique. Umm, yeah, review.

I’m currently test crocheting the Filet Crochet Celtic Tree of Life for Knits 4 U Designs. If I ever finish it, I’ll probably write a review of that, too. The pattern has been released already. I’m just really slow at it. It’s very pretty, and she’s also releasing a knit version for a throw blanket, and some other filet crochet designs that are Celtic knots.

Now for the really important news. I finally finished writing the pattern for the D4 Bag of Dice Holding (aka the Super Secret Felted Project et al)!


It’s being test knitted now. Actually, two of my testers are done, and a third is probably going to be done by tomorrow. There were a couple of things that needed to be changed (poor wording), but other than that, it seemed to go well, and I’m going to try to have it ready to sell sometime next week!

I’m also working on something to submit to Sanguine Gryphon for their Spring 2011 line, and maybe something for Interweave Knits for Fall 2011, and something for Knitty for whenever I get it done.

I’ve almost finished the skirt I started sewing for myself . . . months ago. In fact, it’s been almost finished for . . . possibly months. I’ve just been busy.

And this doesn’t even cover the non-crafty things I’ve had going on.