I don’t do resolutions

I’m not promising myself that I’m going to learn twelve new crafting skills this year, or that I’ll knit twenty six pairs of socks, or even that I’ll knit (or otherwise do something crafty) every day. But, there are some things that I’ve been wanting to do, and this post just happens to be coming at a resolution kind of time.

1. I want this blog to be more active. Hence, I am joining the Post a Week 2011 Challenge. We’ll see how I do.

2. I want to learn how to spin. I want to be like those obnoxious people who talk about using this gorgeous yarn they spun from a batt that they hand dyed, and now they’ve turned it into a spectacular shawl, making those of us who don’t know a batt from a ball feel as lazy and useless as someone who would throw out a bra because the underwire broke through (here’s a tip: get a sewing needle and coordinating thread, poke the wire back through the hole into its channel, and do some whipstitch to close up the hole, it’s a five minute job you can do in a bathroom stall at work if need be). Years ago, I got a video on how to handspin silk from hankies, along with a couple silk hankies and needles to use for knitting something with the resulting yarn. I never managed to spin anything worthwhile from it. I still have it, I’m pretty sure. Anyway, I ordered some roving earlier this week. We’ll see how I do.

3. I want to learn how to weave. My mom bought my sister a Brio loom . . . probably about thirty five years ago. It’s a little table-top thing. I don’t know how much my sister actually used it, but it is now in my possession. I don’t know if I have all the parts, and I don’t have any instructions, but I’m going to find out how to use it, and see what happens. I’ve been saying that I’m going to do that for years now. We’ll see how I do.

4. I want to work more on designing.

KnitPicks did get back to me about the D4 Bag of Dice Holding, and they think they’d like to include it in the IDP. I mailed my sample to them the other day. They should have gotten it today. By the end of the month, I should know for certain if they’re going to pick it up. I didn’t get an e-mail confirmation on the scarf and cuff set (the FAQ says you should get one in about a week), so I wrote to make sure they got it, and they did. They’ve been busy because of the holidays, and just hadn’t gotten to it yet (so if anyone else has submitted something, and you feel like you’ve been waiting a long time, that might be why).

I have another pattern idea that I’m sending to Twist for their Fall issue. Yes, I remember what I said about how vague they are about compensation, but I’ve met a lot of designers since then who think the world of Twist. I’m willing to bow to experience.

I’m still working on the re-working of that vest/tank top that I’ve been talking about for freaking ever, and hopefully I will have it finished in time to submit to Knitty for the First Fall issue.

I have other ideas in me head (that’s not a typo, it’s a movie reference!). We’ll see how I do.


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