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March 14, 2011

I’m cheating.

This is largely a re-post from my LJ. I know, this makes two food posts in a row, and food is not knitting, but we need both to survive, right?

I have decided that the best cure for PMS is what my mom called Quick Mix Fudge, but a lot of people apparently call No Bake Cookies (although maybe they don’t, because I think Grace told me she didn’t remember putting peanut butter in No Bake Cookies). Whatever you call it, it has chocolate (everyone knows chocolate is good for cramps and other PMS-y type symptoms, right?), peanut butter (if you didn’t know peanut butter is, too, now you do), and oatmeal (some women have *ahem* digestive tract issues at that time of the month, and oatmeal has fiber, what more could you ask?). So, here you go. It’s really simple. I’ve had it memorized since junior high, I think.

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March 7, 2011

Birthday baking

(I’m sorry, what was that? Post once a week? I think I remember saying something like that . . . but, you know, life happens.)

Thing Two’s birthday was last week. When the Things were little, I tried doing shaped cakes. You know, bake a cake, cut it into interesting shapes, like a dinosaur, and frost it so it looks cool.

I sucked at it. Royally. My mother-in-law, who has a BFA, is really good at it. Of course. I couldn’t handle the competition (which was all in my head), and said no more, several years ago. Instead, they get to pick pretty much whatever they want for dessert.

So this year, Thing Two picked strawberry pie. In March. I told him I didn’t think it was going to happen. I did find a recipe for a strawberry chiffon pie, which I thought I could do with frozen strawberries. They’d be mashed up, and would have other things in there to add to the flavor, so not having fresh berries wouldn’t be so bad. Of course, the frozen strawberries were on sale when I went to the store, and they were completely out, even of the brand that wasn’t on sale. And the three cartons of fresh strawberries they had in the produce section were . . . sad. We’ll leave it at that. His next choice was cherry cheesecake.

If cream cheese wasn’t so expensive, I’d make cheesecake every week. I’d be more faithful about it than I am about posting every week, too.

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