Glitter and Be Gay

If I’m not pure, at least my jewels are!

“Glitter and Be Gay” is an awesome song from Leonard Bernstein’s operetta of Candide. (I really, really like Dawn Upshaw’s recording of it, but I’ve never heard a bad one from anyone else, either.) And I feel like it’s appropriate for me right now.

You see, I just had some ice cream (Blue Bunny Premium Super Fudge Brownie, to be exact), and I’m also the proud owner of a copy of Laura Nelkin’s Adorn collection.

I didn’t cheat! I told the good spouse about my plan to not buy ice cream for three weeks, and he said I didn’t have to do that. So I got excited and went and bought some ice cream (along with the rest of the week’s groceries), and came home and bought Adorn. And in my excitement forgot all about Laura’s blog post with the coupon code for 15% off through October 26th. But she was awesome about it, and now I have even more patterns for beaded, knitted jewelry. I told the good spouse that now I have to spend more money and get beads. He said, “Okay.”

See, there’s a reason I call him the good spouse.

But, I feel a little guilty for having the ice cream. So I’m thinking seriously about not buying any more for three weeks. Maybe not too seriously, but I am serious.


2 Comments to “Glitter and Be Gay”

  1. Icecream, knitting patterns and beads … go girl ! Just remember to give that good spouse a hug ;D

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