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November 28, 2011

I have been remiss

I have been very busy knitting and crocheting for holiday gifts/Nerd Wars/Mystery 220. And there’s still so much to do, not to mention the baking.

And I need to figure out spinning with a drop spindle, too. One of my Nerd Wars teammates gave me one of her old spindles (and some roving and a small pot of the Knitters’ and Spinners’ Balm she makes and sells in her shop — it smells really good, and does soften my rough spots nicely), and I’ve borrowed my mom’s book Respect the Spindle, and I’m trying to do it. I finally got the hang of just using the dowel and spinning on a stick (I looked for an example on-line, but I don’t see anything), but once I get some spun, and try to draft some more . . . it breaks. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, how thick I leave the draft, it still breaks. I know, this takes practice, and I haven’t been at it very long (like maybe . . . twenty minutes total?), but I’m very frustrated. I want to get drafting to the point where I can do more than ten inches of yarn before the fibers come apart before I try the spindle again.

And I need to finish the shawl I’m designing. Not to mention the other couple of designs I’ve got started.

Next year I’ll get cracking on updating this more often. Really.

Oh, and just so’s you know, 7-UP Mixed Berry (I get diet) is awesome, and I really wish it wasn’t a “limited edition” flavor.