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January 26, 2012

Busy busy busy . . . kind of

So, I’ve lost another job. There just hasn’t been enough business at my sister’s sandwich shop to justify having two people there, so, I’m unemployed again. I really, really need to find something, or win the lottery. Or come up with a design that goes viral. I’m working on all of those.

Obviously, that viral pattern is not going to be As a Flower Blossoms. I can count the number of sales of that pattern on one hand of the guy who gave us a tour of the Kokomo Opalescent Glass factory about fifteen years ago. He’d lost a couple fingers on each hand. It was a really awesome tour, but I never, ever want to work in a glass-making factory!

Among other things I’ve been doing (like looking for a job, buying lottery tickets, and trying to come up with the next big knitting pattern), I’m one of the captains for Team Epic in Nerd Wars for Tournament 4. Sign-ups are open until midnight EST on 1/26/12.

Not sure what Nerd Wars is? According to the Game Master, EyeAmElise, “This is a silly game designed to help motivate you to finish projects you wanted to do anyway!”

In a nutshell, you join a team based on the things you enjoy (outside of crafting), like Jim Henson’s creations (Team Fraggle), musicals (Team Jazz Hands), or playing role-playing games (Team Epic, the best team out there!). (For a list of teams and what “nerdery” they encompass, see this chart.) Each month of the tournament, there are six challenges posted. You answer as many challenges as you want by crafting something within the month of the challenge, and earn points for your team. You can also do a dissertation, which is a project that will take you the whole tournament, or three months. You also get to meet new people both in your team thread, and by participating in the chat room, Otaku Lounge. Mostly what you can win are new friends, bragging rights, and a feeling of accomplishment, but there are opportunities for actual prizes, too!

The team to join is, of course, Team Epic! We are the home for social role-players (tabletop, MMORPG, on-line text-based games, LARPing . . . one or two player games, like Zelda and Baldur’s Gate, are covered by our sister team, Team 1-Up). Whether you play Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft, GURPS, or Spirits of the Earth — or something no one else has ever heard of — we’d love to have you join and tell us about your latest adventure!

You do need to join Ravelry before you can join Nerd Wars, but joining Ravelry is free, easy, and worthwhile even without Nerd Wars!

Nerd Wars is intended for adults. If you are under the age of 18 and would like to play, please contact one of the Nerd Wars mods.

Now, I have some projects I’d really like to get done before the tournament starts next week, so I’d better get knitting!

January 8, 2012

This year it’s gonna be different

I know, I thought that last year, too. I was going to do the whole post-a-week thing, and look how well that went over.

I’ve been really busy the last month, knitting, knitting, crocheting, and knitting some more. I made bunches of stuff for holiday presents/Nerd Wars, and even got a little mystery knitting in.

But, now I’m going to get back in the swing of reading other people’s blogs (I haven’t in a month), and writing here.

I am the captain of my soul, the tailor of my fate. I am going to take control and put my life back into some semblance of order. Really. I’m going to fight against my natural pessimism, ennui, and apathy. (And not use the little quick post thingy on the dashboard anymore, because then I do things like post before I’m finished.) I’m going to do things that need to be done, and make my little rubber room corner of the world a better place, at least for me.