This year it’s gonna be different

I know, I thought that last year, too. I was going to do the whole post-a-week thing, and look how well that went over.

I’ve been really busy the last month, knitting, knitting, crocheting, and knitting some more. I made bunches of stuff for holiday presents/Nerd Wars, and even got a little mystery knitting in.

But, now I’m going to get back in the swing of reading other people’s blogs (I haven’t in a month), and writing here.

I am the captain of my soul, the tailor of my fate. I am going to take control and put my life back into some semblance of order. Really. I’m going to fight against my natural pessimism, ennui, and apathy. (And not use the little quick post thingy on the dashboard anymore, because then I do things like post before I’m finished.) I’m going to do things that need to be done, and make my little rubber room corner of the world a better place, at least for me.


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