Busy, busy, busy

I know I haven’t written anything in a while, but I have been doing a lot of knitting.

I test-knit the Anatomical Heart Lace Patch for outoutdamnknot. Now she needs to release the pattern so other people can make its awesomeness. (Yes, I know, that was amazingly horrid grammar.) She’s also going to make more anatomical lace some day. I can hardly wait.:-)

I finally finished the knitting on the vest I’m finishing for a friend. I still have to do the finishing finishing, which I could probably be doing right now instead of writing this post. But I really wanted to write something.

I also made another Kitsune Cowl, this time in more foxy colors. I still have to finish weaving in ends (there’s a post about that coming, too), and block the tails. Then I get to find a tech editor, and eventually get it published. I’m really pretty excited about this pattern. I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but I want to re-do As a Flower Blossoms to go along with it.

I took part in an autumn swap in the Mystery 220 group on Ravelry, and I joined another Ravelry group, Designers Challenge. DC is kind of like the Design Along -DAL group. It’s a monthly design challenge. September’s challenge was to design and knit a bag, inspired by patterns in nature, and incorporating garter stitch somewhere (or rows of single crochet if it was crochet). I designed a bag to send to my swapee.:-)

A Day at the Beach

I’m calling it A Day at the Beach. It’s currently being test-knit in my Ravelry group, Wild Talents Designs. Yeah, I finally started one of my own. Please come join us if you’re on Ravelry (and if you aren’t, and you knit or crochet . . . or spin or weave, you really should be!). I’ll probably run tests for new patterns through there (although you don’t have to belong to the group to test), and I’m posting goofy quizzes sporadically (it was supposed to be weekly, but I think we all know how well I keep things like that up), and hopefully it will be a fun group to be part of. Anyway, A Day at the Beach uses two colors of Knit Picks CotLin (or whatever DK yarn you want to use), has a garter stitch square for a base, then you pick up stitches to knit the rest in the round. The lace pattern is both written and charted. It’s a perfect bag for carrying a few necessities to the beach or for a run around town, or even to use as a small project bag.

I have more to write about, like the scarf I’m designing, and the presents I need to knit, but I’m falling asleep at the computer. It’s weird. It’s not even midnight. I assume it means I’m going to wake up really early, not that I’m going to get a lot of sleep. However it works out, I’ll try to write more tomorrow.


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