“The time has come,” the Walrus said,/”To talk of many things:”

Like how to convince my two-year-old that it would be perfectly reasonable for her to go to bed around 8:00 at night, and wake up around 8:00 in the morning. She seems to think it’s much better to stay up as late as possible (sometimes the sky is starting to get light already when she finally conks out), and then probably wake up in the middle of the night and refuse to go back to sleep unless Mommy holds her (which means I get to sleep sitting up), and then sleep until 10:30 or 11:00. I’ll admit, she did fall asleep around 6:30 tonight, but then she only slept until about midnight. Now it’s anyone’s guess just how late she’ll stay up. And I can’t just pop her in the playpen or crib and let her stay up while I sleep. She’s a climber. In fact, we call her our little jewel thief, because she’s frighteningly good at it, and quiet to boot.

Or we could talk about the real purpose of this post, which is what I’ve been up to for most of the last month.

The Day at the Beach bag is pretty much through testing, and it was a good test. Hooray! I submitted it to Knit Picks IDP a couple weeks ago, but I haven’t heard back yet if they’re accepting it. It could be another couple weeks before I hear. I don’t want to send the pattern to a tech editor until I know if I need to use their abbreviations and stuff.

I haven’t finished the finishing on my friend’s vest yet. It’s one of those things that I want to do after little Cindy Lou Who goes to bed, and as I mentioned above, she hasn’t been exactly cooperative in that regard lately. I also haven’t finished weaving in the ends on the new Kitsune Cowl, for the same reason. All I have left are the ends on the tails, but those are harder, because of the lace.

I’ve re-done the swatch for the scarf I’m designing, but I still need to block it and take good pictures, then try to get yarn support for it. Yeah, another thing I’ve been wanting to do after she goes to sleep.

I have been doing a lot of knitting, though! There was a really fun one-day mystery in the Mystery 220 group on Ravelry that turned out to be a little knit snowman. I had no idea what it was until the end.

Then there was the second Day at the Beach bag that I did.

A Weekend at the Dunes

A Weekend at the Dunes

I also finally started working on the Hwaet! socks I bought yarn for in January 2011. Unfortunately, I haven’t made much progress. After a fairly solid month of working on them, I only got to about round 20. Guess why? Yep, they’re something best worked on after she goes to bed. The pattern isn’t difficult, except for it being stranded knitting for socks, but it isn’t at all memorizable, so I can only do about five or six stitches before I have to look at the chart again. They’re part of my dissertation for Nerd Wars, but I’ve decided I’m simply not going to be able to finish them. So, I’m setting them aside for now and concentrating on finishing the other two pairs of socks for my dissertation: Steampunkery and Dicey (Ravelry link). I haven’t done much with Dicey yet, but I’m at the heel on the first of the Steampunkery.

I have to give a little warning. This pattern is not the best-written. You can find some of the corrections in Heatherly Walker’s Ravelry group. If you don’t have experience with socks, I wouldn’t get this pattern unless you have someone on hand to help you with it. It isn’t that it’s difficult, it’s just that the instructions leave something to be desired. But, the socks look awesome. And the yarn, Holiday Yarns FlockSock, is a joy to work with. It’s really springy (a little less so if you have to rip it out and rework, but not horribly so). I hope it holds up well with wear. If it does, I can see buying a lot more.

Okay, what else . . . oh! I’m very proud of myself.:-)

All Cats Are Grey prototype

All Cats Are Grey prototype

All Cats Are Grey prototype inside

All Cats Are Grey prototype inside

It’s my first hat design, and my first double-knit design. In fact it’s only the second thing I’ve made that’s double-knit! It was designed in answer to the Designers Challenge for November (in the Ravelry group of the same name). The challenge was to design a head accessory, the theme for it was “Black and White” (we were only supposed to use black, white, and shades of grey), and it had to have at least one row that had more than one color in it. If you belong to Ravelry, I encourage you to go check out the poll (follow the link above) and vote for your favorite. There are a lot of great projects, and the participants range from tweens and teens just starting out designing to semi-pros with several designs under their belts.

I do have some other posts I want to make. I’ve learned an awesome way to weave in ends. And considering how much I hate weaving in ends, for me to say it’s awesome is, well, saying something. Then there’s the trick I learned for ripping back rows. It might be something you already know, but you might be like me and have a V-8 moment when you see it. There’s food to talk about — my new favorite soup recipe, and it’s holiday baking time! — and holiday knitting, too. But for right now, I’m going to see if I can get some knitting done, and hopefully convince the little monkey that she wants to go to sleep soon. Yes, she’s still quite awake.


2 Comments to ““The time has come,” the Walrus said,/”To talk of many things:””

  1. You are a busy gal! I recommend slipping her a mickey full of Benadryl. Then again, that may be one of the many reasons I don’t have kids.

    • Yeah, thanks for the suggestion, but I think that sort of thing tends to rebound on you.:-P

      She finally went back to bed at 5:00 this morning. And now she’s on my lap acting sleepy.

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