I think I’m in love

(If you now have an Eddie Money song on endless repeat in your head, you’re welcome!) (And I was going to post this on Friday for Valentine’s Day, but life happened.)

Some time ago, the lovely NEPatty (Ravelry name) lent me a pair of ChiaGoo Twist Red Lace tips and a few cables to go with them (two of the Red Lace, and one of the Spin), to help me in my quest for the Best Interchangable Needles EVAR. I liked them so much . . . I still haven’t sent them back to her. In fact, it’s been so long that she suggested they’ve acclimated to the atmosphere in my house, and I should just keep them. I am going to send them back to her, though. Especially since I finally succumbed to temptation and bought myself a complete set, sizes 2 to 15. “Love” might be a strong word for how I feel about them, but then again, maybe not.

I admit, I haven’t had them very long, and I haven’t used every pair of tips or all of the cables yet, but I am seriously thrilled with them. I recently made a hat for a friend (Relax, Man! – Relaa, mies!, my project is Relax, man! No flies on me!), but it was before I got my ChiaGoo needles. So I started it off on a set of Knit Picks Options, nickel plated tips, and switched to the new ones when they came in the mail.

I have said before that the Options tips are nice and pointy. They got nothin’ on the ChiaGoo. Oh my goodness. I still don’t feel like I’m a particularly speedy knitter, but I definitely prefer pointy-pointy tips, and these are the pointiest I’ve ever tried.

The red Twist cables are nice and solid feeling. They aren’t much good for Magic Loop-type knitting, because of that solidity, but I have no fear that they won’t be able to hold all the stitches on the Tembo I plan to make soon. The cable isn’t going to bend in half under the weight.

And for times when I do want something a little more flexible, I’m going to pick up spare cables from the Spin line (the two lines are completely interchangable with each other). Not only are they extremely flexible (they’re like a medium-weight fishing line), but they’ve got these neat ends that swivel, so you never have to worry about your cables kinking up.

Even the case is nice. The stitching on it seems strong, and the zippers are sturdy. Seriously, forget everything you think you know about products that say, “Made in China,” because I don’t see anything cheap or shoddy about these needles. I did actually think long and hard (for several months!) about whether I wanted to buy these, because of them being made in China — not just the stereotype of poor quality, but because I like to support American companies when possible. Unfortunately, I haven’t found an American company that makes needles with all the qualities I want!

Signature Needles are supposed to be wonderful, but they don’t make an interchangable set (their convertible line isn’t quite the same thing), and they are super expensive. I hope to some day convince myself I can afford a set of their double-points, but that day isn’t today. Or tomorrow, probably. I have a Boye Needlemaster, which I’ve written about before. The tips are fairly pointy, but the cables are really stiff (stiffer, I think, than the Twist Red Lace cables). I’m keeping my Needlemaster set, but it’s not going to get used very often anymore! And Denise Needles are nylon or plastic tips, and I’ve decided I just don’t care for those.

If you are in the market for interchangables, I highly recommend the ChiaGoo needles. Of course, I’d be happy to hear what kind of needles you use and what makes them perfect for you, too!


2 Comments to “I think I’m in love”

  1. I’m also on a general quest for the best interchangeable needles EVAR 🙂 I’ve given up using the Denises because I don’t like the feel, and they come undone too easily. I like the KnitPro, but some of my cables are starting to come out of their housing. Just acquired a set of Addi click lace, and they’re not as pointy as the KnitPro, which is disappointing (especially since they’re allegedly lace needles), and the joins aren’t as smooth as the KnitPro, but the needle sizes are marked on the needles, which is nice, and the connections feel solid, without requiring a key to open and close them. ChiaGoo is next on my list, but it’ll take me a while to justify another set!

    • Oh, yes, the needle sizes are marked on the needles with the ChiaGoo, also, and that is definitely a good thing! I was going to try the Addi needles, but I’ve decided that the points on the fixed circulars I have just aren’t sharp enough.

      You can get the tips and cables for ChiaGoo separately (at least you can in the States), so you could try them out without getting a whole new set. And then I bet you’d feel justified in getting a whole set!

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