Hell Is Making Pom-Poms

I refuse to act surprised at how long it’s been since I posted anything on here.

I’m making an Official Kittyville Hat for Thing One. I’m all done with it — ends woven in and everything — except for the dreaded pom-poms.

We got Little Cat Z a knitting loom for her birthday this year, and she’s learned how to make hats with it. She’s totally thrilled about them. The little instruction pamphlet that came with the loom has instructions for making pom-poms which are different than the little cardboard circle cutouts I’d always known (and failed to use at all well). It just has you wind the yarn 100 times around a piece of cardboard as big as you want your pom to be, then slide the yarn off, tie a length of yarn around the center, and then cut through the loops. And her pom-poms look AWESOME. Seriously.

So I decided to give it a try for these. First, I was for some reason pulling from the outside of the skein, when I thought I had the inside end, and the yarn kept catching on something (the bag, itself, I don’t know). So I took off the 20 or so wraps I had, rewound the outside end around the skein, and started over with the right end. Then I lost count somewhere around 15 and decided I’d just start over. Then the skein barfed on me. Huge tangle. I thought I managed to work it out without actually having to remove the entire tangle, and kept going. Then somewhere around 50-65, I lost count again, largely because that tangle wasn’t actually worked out. So I decided to heck with it, I’ll pull out the yarn barf and rewind it, and start all over AGAIN. I’m still working on the tangle. I had to take a break so I wouldn’t go insane over it.

If it works, and I get a decent-looking pom out of this, it will be worth it. At least, that’s my mantra for right now. I’ll try to report back.


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