Pom Poms and Stuff

So, here are my pompoms. Pom poms. Pom-poms. Hmm. However you spell it, they came out pretty damned awesome.  The picture isn’t, but they are.


Now my problem is that I’m casting on 576 stitches. In laceweight. Black. (Well, “Midnight Heather” which is kind of a blue-black, but it might as well be black. But I guess the answer to how much more black could it be is not, in fact, “None, none more black.” It would be, “Some, some more black.”) I’m using the Chinese Waitress Cast-On with Crochet Hook, which is generally awesome, but for some reason, I’m having trouble occasionally getting the hook to go through the loop. Oh, well. I’ll get there eventually.


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