Attack of the Bake Sale Goodies

Being a mom of four, I have many opportunities to participate in bake sales. Trying to find the sweet (heh) spot between affordability of ingredients, ease of making, portability, and customer appeal is not always easy.

My oldest went off to college last fall, and joined the Creative Writing Club, which, natch, had a couple bake sales over the year. For the first one, I made Chai Spiced Sugar Cookies, which seemed to go over well (seeing as how for the next sale, the club asked for them), but they really need to be made, sold, and eaten in a short space of time. I wanted a little more breathing room with the next sale.

Also . . . I should come clean and admit that I have a problem. I have a very definite sprinkles problem, and I’m not talking about anything like Trump and his supposed party with the Russian prostitutes. I mean . . .

A Box Full of Sprinkles

A Box Full of Sprinkles

I have a problem with sprinkles. I’m trying to not buy more until I use some of these up. Of course, my honey went and bought me another bottle of them because they were on clearance from Easter, but at least I haven’t bought more for myself!

I also had a package of chocolate flavored almond bark that I wanted to use up. Enter these Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites (dipped in chocolate!). I substituted almond bark for the bittersweet chocolate, and, um, sprinkled on some sprinkles (I tried dipping them at first, but it didn’t work so well — sprinkling the sprinkles is the way to go).

Plate o'Pretzels

Plate o’Pretzels

Don’t they look good?

And I have some notes to share about them.

1. Don’t melt all of your chocolate (or almond bark) at once. If you make a full batch, I’d start out with about four ounces, and see how many that covers, then melt more as appropriate.
2. Don’t skimp when making balls of the peanut butter mixture to try to get a larger number. The peanut butter flavor gets overpowered by the chocolate if there isn’t enough. If you want more of them, make more of the filling. Trust me, I found out the hard way.
3. Don’t leave a plate of them sitting around.

Stop, thief!

Stop, thief!

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