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December 10, 2017

Go fix me a turkey pot pie!

School has been keeping me busy this semester, even though I’m only taking physics and Spanish. Let me just say, I hate physics. I may have said it before, but my opinion hasn’t changed. I have to pass it this time, so that I can take the second semester, and finally get my bachelor’s degree, almost 30 years after I finally settled on a major. So far I’m getting a C, which would have horrified me almost 30 years ago, but right now, I’m thrilled. As long as I have done well enough in lab (I missed two labs, but I’ve got good scores on the rest of them) and I don’t completely bomb the final on Tuesday, I should be all right. Spanish, I’m not so worried about. I’ve had a B throughout the semester. Again, that would have been bad before, but I’m okay with it now. That final is on Thursday.

But even with school, the rest of life goes on. Like meal planning. I was working out this week’s menu, trying to decide if I want to thaw the 2 pounds of chicken breast tenders I have in the freezer (they were only $1.99 a pound, I had to buy them at that price). And if I do, what will I make with them? And then I realized that I never did post my recipe for chicken pot pie.

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