It’s all about me. Don’t you find that’s true?

I knit. I am generally crafty, but mostly I knit. My mom taught me how to knit when I was nine, after I finally pestered her enough about it that she couldn’t take it anymore. That was nearly *cough* over *cough* thirty years ago. Now, instead of me asking her each time I start a new pattern, “How do you cast on again?” she calls me to ask the best way to add a new ball of yarn in the middle of a lace pattern.

Okay, okay, I still ask her for help, too, but I do remember how to cast on.

I’m a fledgling designer, too. I have one free pattern, and two for sale, all of which can be found here. I’m working on some more, too.

I suppose I should put this in here, too. On Ravelry, and elsewhere as well, I’m also known as “sosoclever.” To the best of my knowledge, I am the only sosoclever out there (as of March 2, 2009, I won’t be surprised if tomorrow I go to look and find fifty more).


2 Comments to “It’s all about me. Don’t you find that’s true?”

  1. Do you know of any good crochet workers? I have been asked for multiple items, to be used by a famous couture company who design dresses for celebs….and I can only do it really, if I have reliable crochet workers who can make up my designs. I wondered if you have any testers or sample makers you could recommend. it is a very high end, full on commitment though, so it has to be someone who will 100% deliver to a deadline.



    • I don’t design crochet, so I don’t know. You could post something in the Designers or Indy Pattern Designers’ Resources on Ravelry. Good luck! It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you!

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