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January 7, 2013


There are a few posts I want to have written by the end of January. This is not one of them. This is just a post saying I want to write these posts. I’ve already mentioned most of them, I think, but I’m putting this post here so I have a fairly easy place to find the posts I want to write, so I can (hopefully) actually post them. I also want to see just how many times I can use the word “post” before someone tries to stab me through the phone lines.

1. Weaving in ends.
2. Ripping back.
3. My new favorite soup (which I’ll probably be making for dinner sometime this week, which would seem a good time to post about it). Done!
4. My resolutions for 2013. If you ever remember hearing me say that I don’t make resolutions (which is entirely possible, because I say it almost every year), you’ve probably also heard me say, “Never say never.” Of course, one of those resolutions is to write more on my blog. You know, this one.
5. Ken’s sweater.
6. The All Cats Are Grey hat (and maybe mittens, and scarf . . . and possibly even slippers?), which Cascade Yarns has been gracious enough to give me yarn to make for the final pattern.
7. Valentine’s Day crafting. I have a great idea for making Valentines for Little Cat Z’s first-grade class. If it works, I’ll even tell you how we did it, with enough time for you to make them, too!
8. Little Red in the City. I got a copy for Christmas/Monkey Day 2011, and I’ve been meaning to post about it. Maybe I should finally do that.

I think that’s it.

Except I want to share something else right now. I did a very fun swap this past fall in the Mystery 220 group in Ravelry (if I haven’t already posted about that, it should be added to that list up there). So when Linda Browning, aka tinyknit, suggested doing a swap in her Ravelry group, Tinyknitters, I joined that one, too. It’s the Valentine Pampering with Hot Cocoa swap. If you’d like to join, all you have to do is log on to Ravelry, join the Tinyknitters group (Linda does some amazing things with lace, you won’t be sad you joined), and post in the swap thread that you want to be part of it. There’s one catch. Sign-ups end today, January 7, 2013. I don’t know a specific time, but I do know that Linda lives in Florida, so I’d probably say, try to post before 9 pm Eastern. The swap is international, so you don’t have to live in the US, or even the western hemisphere, to join.

I think that covers everything I wanted to post about tonight. I hope everyone is having a happy new year so far, and I’m glad you all survived the apocalypse last year!

December 2, 2012

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,/”To talk of many things:”

Like how to convince my two-year-old that it would be perfectly reasonable for her to go to bed around 8:00 at night, and wake up around 8:00 in the morning. She seems to think it’s much better to stay up as late as possible (sometimes the sky is starting to get light already when she finally conks out), and then probably wake up in the middle of the night and refuse to go back to sleep unless Mommy holds her (which means I get to sleep sitting up), and then sleep until 10:30 or 11:00. I’ll admit, she did fall asleep around 6:30 tonight, but then she only slept until about midnight. Now it’s anyone’s guess just how late she’ll stay up. And I can’t just pop her in the playpen or crib and let her stay up while I sleep. She’s a climber. In fact, we call her our little jewel thief, because she’s frighteningly good at it, and quiet to boot.

Or we could talk about the real purpose of this post, which is what I’ve been up to for most of the last month.

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November 8, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

I know I haven’t written anything in a while, but I have been doing a lot of knitting.

I test-knit the Anatomical Heart Lace Patch for outoutdamnknot. Now she needs to release the pattern so other people can make its awesomeness. (Yes, I know, that was amazingly horrid grammar.) She’s also going to make more anatomical lace some day. I can hardly wait.:-)

I finally finished the knitting on the vest I’m finishing for a friend. I still have to do the finishing finishing, which I could probably be doing right now instead of writing this post. But I really wanted to write something.

I also made another Kitsune Cowl, this time in more foxy colors. I still have to finish weaving in ends (there’s a post about that coming, too), and block the tails. Then I get to find a tech editor, and eventually get it published. I’m really pretty excited about this pattern. I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but I want to re-do As a Flower Blossoms to go along with it.

I took part in an autumn swap in the Mystery 220 group on Ravelry, and I joined another Ravelry group, Designers Challenge. DC is kind of like the Design Along -DAL group. It’s a monthly design challenge. September’s challenge was to design and knit a bag, inspired by patterns in nature, and incorporating garter stitch somewhere (or rows of single crochet if it was crochet). I designed a bag to send to my swapee.:-)

A Day at the Beach

I’m calling it A Day at the Beach. It’s currently being test-knit in my Ravelry group, Wild Talents Designs. Yeah, I finally started one of my own. Please come join us if you’re on Ravelry (and if you aren’t, and you knit or crochet . . . or spin or weave, you really should be!). I’ll probably run tests for new patterns through there (although you don’t have to belong to the group to test), and I’m posting goofy quizzes sporadically (it was supposed to be weekly, but I think we all know how well I keep things like that up), and hopefully it will be a fun group to be part of. Anyway, A Day at the Beach uses two colors of Knit Picks CotLin (or whatever DK yarn you want to use), has a garter stitch square for a base, then you pick up stitches to knit the rest in the round. The lace pattern is both written and charted. It’s a perfect bag for carrying a few necessities to the beach or for a run around town, or even to use as a small project bag.

I have more to write about, like the scarf I’m designing, and the presents I need to knit, but I’m falling asleep at the computer. It’s weird. It’s not even midnight. I assume it means I’m going to wake up really early, not that I’m going to get a lot of sleep. However it works out, I’ll try to write more tomorrow.

November 28, 2011

I have been remiss

I have been very busy knitting and crocheting for holiday gifts/Nerd Wars/Mystery 220. And there’s still so much to do, not to mention the baking.

And I need to figure out spinning with a drop spindle, too. One of my Nerd Wars teammates gave me one of her old spindles (and some roving and a small pot of the Knitters’ and Spinners’ Balm she makes and sells in her shop — it smells really good, and does soften my rough spots nicely), and I’ve borrowed my mom’s book Respect the Spindle, and I’m trying to do it. I finally got the hang of just using the dowel and spinning on a stick (I looked for an example on-line, but I don’t see anything), but once I get some spun, and try to draft some more . . . it breaks. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, how thick I leave the draft, it still breaks. I know, this takes practice, and I haven’t been at it very long (like maybe . . . twenty minutes total?), but I’m very frustrated. I want to get drafting to the point where I can do more than ten inches of yarn before the fibers come apart before I try the spindle again.

And I need to finish the shawl I’m designing. Not to mention the other couple of designs I’ve got started.

Next year I’ll get cracking on updating this more often. Really.

Oh, and just so’s you know, 7-UP Mixed Berry (I get diet) is awesome, and I really wish it wasn’t a “limited edition” flavor.

October 7, 2011

Things to do, the rough draft

To do in October, I hope. Thankfully, some of the Nerd Wars and Mystery220 stuff can double as holiday gifts.

Oh, crap, would you believe I wasn’t even thinking about Hallowe’en costumes? I had thought that I should dust off my pictures from last year when I tried to put together a tutorial for a trick-or-treat bag, though.

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October 2, 2011

Craft has stalled. Immediate action required to regain control.

I know I have been uncharacteristically optimistic in my plans for everything I’m going to get done in the next three months, but now I’m starting to think I may have really taken it too far, and I’m kind of looking at the list in my head and going a bit tharn.

I think I should write (or type) out an actual list, so I have something concrete to go on. Things to do for Nerd Wars, the things I’m designing, the gifts I plan to have made in time for Christmas and Monkey Day, the mystery KALs, the test knit for Tinyknit . . . I’m sure there’s more. It’s always nice to be able to physically cross things off as finished, which I could do if I’d make a list.

I’ll put making a physical list on my mental to-do list.