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February 16, 2014

I think I’m in love

(If you now have an Eddie Money song on endless repeat in your head, you’re welcome!) (And I was going to post this on Friday for Valentine’s Day, but life happened.)

Some time ago, the lovely NEPatty (Ravelry name) lent me a pair of ChiaGoo Twist Red Lace tips and a few cables to go with them (two of the Red Lace, and one of the Spin), to help me in my quest for the Best Interchangable Needles EVAR. I liked them so much . . . I still haven’t sent them back to her. In fact, it’s been so long that she suggested they’ve acclimated to the atmosphere in my house, and I should just keep them. I am going to send them back to her, though. Especially since I finally succumbed to temptation and bought myself a complete set, sizes 2 to 15. “Love” might be a strong word for how I feel about them, but then again, maybe not.

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August 16, 2012

Vive la révolution!

(Another installment in the “Things I’ve Been Meaning to Post About” series.)

Hunter Hammersen’s ‘blog, Violently Domestic, is one that I read, as regularly as I’ve been reading any lately. You might notice it’s over there in the “Blog Roll” in the column on the right. I really like her writing style, and if you’re looking for something else to read — maybe with knitting, and cats, and moths on the mailbox — you should pop on over there and give it a look.

Hunter, as you may know, is the author/designer of Silk Road Socks, and The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet, two books that I don’t have, but, damn it, I want them. She’s just put out a third book, Rabble Rousers, AKA, What to Knit When You’re Up to No Good. This one, I’m happy to say, I do have.

In honor of the book’s launch, Hunter started giving away some of the yarn that was used in some of the patterns. The first one was Briar Rose Wistful, a worsted weight alpaca/merino/silk blend, which was used to make Clamor, a cute hat pattern. Now, if you go look at the Briar Rose website, you might notice the price on a skein of this lovely yarn and think, “Whoa, $40 for a single skein?” But look closer. That’s a half-pound skein. Not as expensive as you thought, huh? It’s so much yarn that Hunter decided to split it in two, to spread the yarn love a little further. This is what a half-skein looks like:

Briar Rose Wistful

Yeah, in other words, I was one of the lucky winners! But isn’t that yarn gorgeous? I don’t think the picture does the colors justice at all.

Anyway, this is all to show off my pretty yarn a lead up to saying that Hunter has one last give away to do, and it’s for three skeins of Malabrigo Aroyo. That is, three different people will each get one skein. It’s another really pretty yarn. So pretty that Hunter bought it, even though this particular colorway is largely pink. All you have to do to be entered in the drawing is read this post, and leave a comment by Friday night. There are already 97 comments, but since there are three skeins, your odds are more like one in 33 than one in 100, right? There is no hard and fast time set for when the comments will be closed, so I’d just say get over there and comment. Then go and read some of her older posts, and put her on your regular reading list.

September 27, 2011

Glitter and Be Gay

If I’m not pure, at least my jewels are!

“Glitter and Be Gay” is an awesome song from Leonard Bernstein’s operetta of Candide. (I really, really like Dawn Upshaw’s recording of it, but I’ve never heard a bad one from anyone else, either.) And I feel like it’s appropriate for me right now.

You see, I just had some ice cream (Blue Bunny Premium Super Fudge Brownie, to be exact), and I’m also the proud owner of a copy of Laura Nelkin’s Adorn collection.

I didn’t cheat!

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September 16, 2011

How do I justify it . . .

Spending the money on Laura Nelkin’s Adorn e-book, that is.

It looks awesome* already, and there are four more patterns that will come with it. I’m particularly interested in Ribband. Then there’s Thrice. Those are both totally* my style. The other patterns released so far are really neat looking, too, but not quite as much my style. Of course, I can always make them for other people!

So, the whole book is only $18. Each pattern is $5. I’m definitely leaning towards getting the whole thing. I think it would be worth it, except for money being tight.

Maybe if I refrain from buying any ice cream for three weeks. That would be one hell of a sacrifice from me, considering that yesterday I bought a pint of Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip and ate the whole thing in one sitting. I really like ice cream.

The good spouse does this every once in a while. He’ll find a knife or something else he wants, and he’ll not buy any snacks on his way home from work until he’s not spent as much money as whatever it is will cost. Did that make any sense?

Granted, there are lots and lots of patterns that I really want, but Ribband is really calling my name.

*I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve noticed I’m reverting to the language of my teenage years. If you ever notice me using “gnarly” or “tubular,” please slap me.

ETA: oooh, this is my eleventy-first post on this ‘blog! Maybe I should buy it for myself to celebrate? Somehow I don’t think the good spouse would consider that justified.

June 24, 2009

Why isn’t everything in the world exactly the way I like it?

Things would be so much easier if it was.

I have several pairs of INOX circular needles. Most of mine are nickel-plated, but I also have a couple plain aluminum, and one . . . nylon? I like them. They are nice needles, especially the nickel-plates. The cables are smooth and flexible, and the joins are pretty smooth, too. The problem I have discovered just lately is that in the larger sizes (I think the problem starts at size 8, for me at least), the points are too blunt. For the most part, this isn’t a problem for me. I’m not a speed knitter, although I’m not pokey, either (ha!). But I tried doing a cable cast-on for the Two Summer Sundress, and it was a bitch-and-a-half to get the yarn pulled through because the tip of the needle is really wide. I thought about switching to my interchangables, but they might have given a different gauge because they’re just aluminum (not that this stops me from using them as the second set of circs if I’m doing something in the round with one set of nickel-plated, I just like to complain and if you haven’t figured this out about me yet, you’ve obviously never encountered me before), and I didn’t want to have to do another gauge swatch. I finally managed it, but the cast-on edge is maybe a little looser than I would have liked.

I really like the way cabled cast-on looks, though.

I don’t have anywhere near a “complete” set of needles (as if there could ever be such a thing), but I’m wondering what sort I should get next time I buy needles. I know I like Addi Turbos, although I seem to have lost the few sets I had of those. I have one set of KnitPicks circs, which I haven’t really used because it turns out I’m knitting kind of loose again, even with wrapping the yarn around my pinky (I’m thinking of doing something like the woman in the remake of The Ladykillers, where she wraps it around each of her fingers, but I don’t know if I’ll like that), and I had to go up three sizes to get the right gauge for that project (and I think I could honestly have gone up another, but maybe some of it’s the yarn and not my knitting). I have one set of bamboo DPNs that I got to make the Shawl from Niflheim (which, Spricey, is still not blocked), and those are really nice to work with. My interchangable set is a Boye Needlemaster. I have several Susan Bates circs, too.

So, if anyone has any favorite needles they’d like to recommend — interchangables, straights, circs, DPNs, those really long ones they stick in their belts in the Shetlands, whatever — feel free to let me know!

February 20, 2009

Does this yarn come in “The Colour out of Space”?

Amigurumi seems to have really caught on in the western world. There is some really cute stuff out there. Triskellian has found quite a bit that she’s put on her favorites list over on Ravelry, including a couple of Cthulhus (this one and the one from Creepy Cute Crochet).

They really are cute.

I just have one problem with this. There are a few things in this world (or out of it) that are really never supposed to be cute. Cthulhu is one of them. Trolls are another (I have never liked those Norfin things). I think nuclear warheads would fit well on that list, also. (Oh, but now I have a great urge to write a pattern for one.)

I suppose you could try to argue that Knithulhu is cute, too, but it’s just not the same.

I do think I need a copy of Creepy Cute Crochet, though. And I added needlenoodle’s ‘blog to my Google Reader. And then I spent way too much time toodling around in Ravelry, finding neat things like a pattern for a cuttlefish, which I feel it is a moral imperative I make.

ETA: Oh my . . . I’m sure someone else has come up with this, and I’m not actually coining a term but . . . are the amigurumi Cthulhus . . . cutehulhus? I think I’ve just turned my own stomach.

February 16, 2009

Needle Nirvana?!?

I almost forgot! I saw in the latest Interweave Knits (I think) that Addi Turbo is making an interchangable set, Addi Turbo Click!!! Have some more exclamation points!!! It’s all Turbos, but the little blurb said they’ll add needle and cable sizes eventually, so maybe they’ll add the Naturas, too! Oooh!!! Oooooh!!!

It sounded, from the blurb, like the connections might be similar to those on Denise needles. It said you don’t need tools to change needles, which is nice. (I have a slight overtightening problem, so a couple of the points on my aluminum interchangables have slightly flanged connecting ends. Not enough to cause a problem while knitting, but I still wince when I think how bad it could have been.) I’ve only ever heard one bad thing about the Denise set. Of course, it’s a bit of a doozy. I’m pretty sure it was Spricey who said she was making something and using her Denise needles, and one of the needles came off in the middle of a row. At least my overtightened screw-on points aren’t likely to come off (until I’ve overtightened them so often that they don’t screw on at all).

But, if Addi does add (heh) the Naturas line to their interchangable set . . . I might have to start saving pennies. A lot of pennies.

December 17, 2008

My fingers are itching!

I don’t know if my KnitPicks order came yet because I had to leave for work before the window at the Post Office opened this morning! It’s not fair!

I’m trying to decide if I should rip out the blue stripe on the second sock for Thing Two. I’m not sure if the stitches are tight enough, and I don’t know if I can get them pulled tighter. Now that I’ve done five rows, it looks like it might be okay, but I’d hate to change my mind after I’ve turned the heel.

I went a little crazy with my Ravelry queue yesterday. I really, really like Giselle, but it looks like it’s huge swathes of stockinette stitch (a suspicion confirmed by some of the comments I saw about it on Ravelry), and I’m afraid that I’d get bored with it. It’s gorgeous to look at, though. Maybe, if I ever actually make it, I’ll make something more involved alongside it.